We're software developers who craft your idea into digital experiences.

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Our Process

Our process is built upon three pillars: User interface, aesthetics and technical implementation. We believe all three of these pillars are vital for the development of great software.

Apps, Websites & Software

Lavabits is Montserrat's first official software development company. We build custom software for our clients with a focus on mobile. We develop custom websites, web-based software and native mobile software. With our pre-existing code base we can have your application developed quickly and efficiently.

Our Work

Lavabits approaches software development from a client-first perspective. We believe collaborating with you is the best way to build software. Our multi-disciplinary team has the expertise necessary to make you successful.

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About Us

Our mission is to provide effective information solutions to local, regional, and international problems via targeted mobile application software development. To foster an intellectual, knowledge-sharing internal environment to enable academic excellence, creativity, and effective decision-making.

Lavabits is a software development company founded by three Montserratians to build software for a global market but with immediate focus on the local market. The software we produce is targeted at a variety of hardware platforms including desktop PCs, servers and mobile.

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